Chef_Troy ( chef_troy) wrote,

Last post about website traffic, I promise. Until the next one.

Remember yesterday, when thanks to Scandal Sheet's current crossover event with Something Positive, I saw my pageview count go from 1400 a day on average to nearly 23,000 for just the first few hours of the day? Remember how light-headed I felt?

Well, here are the final pageview stats for yesterday (crossover day one):

I started hyperventilating when I saw it - no kidding. Hitching a ride on Mr. Milholland's coattails has (temporarily, anyway) increased my pageviews by a factor of 100.

My reaction? Elation, followed by terror. It's like being a janitor sweeping the stage at Carnegie Hall when the curtain suddenly goes up to reveal a packed house.

I have to entertain all these people. It's terrifying.

(Yes, I realize that not all - not even most - of these readers will stick around once the crossover is over. But it still makes me feel swimmy in the head.)
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